Stock Tracking System

It is a record of the materials that a business buys to sell in order to run its business or that it uses to produce the product to be sold. The purpose of this record is to keep the stocking level that will minimize the stock and production costs in order to increase the profitability of the business.

You provide your business with reliable information for planning

You can optimize all your processes from production to shipment.

Calculating inventory costs correctly

With stock management, you benefit from the location of your warehouse, your shelf and barcode systems, and inventory management.

You can categorize your stocks by unit, price, quantity or any other element you want.

You can get detailed reports instantly or for the dates you specify. This makes the purchasing process more efficient.

You can set minimum, order and target levels for your stocks, and make purchases according to your needs definitions.

You can create material requirement plans and monitor service revenues spread over periods with service sales contracts.

Since more than one user can use it at the same time, you can authorize each user to a separate warehouse or safe.