Barcode & QR Code

Barcode and QR codes are data storage methods that use geometric shapes that can be read using optical devices. These data can also be read thanks to the qr and barcode reader. QR Code is unlimited. Unlimited information, messages, videos, and all kinds of content can be transferred in limited areas with QR code. You can access all kinds of details about the product, from the promotional video of the product to the user's manual, in a magazine advertisement, on a billboard, in-store or on TV, by simply reading it.

What is the difference between Barcode and QR Code (Quick Response Code)?

Both barcode and QR code are ways of storing information using geometric figures so they can be retrieved by optical devices.

QR code is a type of 2D barcode, usually barcode refers to a one-dimensional barcode.

Barcodes store information only vertically, while QR codes store information both horizontally and vertically.

The information storage capacity of the QR code is greater than the barcode.

While barcodes can only store alphanumeric data, QR codes can store alphanumeric characters, other language symbols, pictures, sound and other binary information.

QR has no data correction while barcode has data correction.

The barcode is dependent on the database while the QR code is independent of the database requirements.