Patient Tracking System

Patient Tracking System is the general name of the technologies that enable the patient to be followed by the doctor outside the traditional clinical environment (home, etc.) after the treatment and save the patient's transportation costs and the time required for control.
easy interface

100% reliable

Compatibility with every device and ease of use on different computers as multi-user

Easy appointment system

You can connect, control and interfere with your files, patient information, and operations performed on your patients from any device.

You can control the current account with the pre-accounting system

You can digitize your patient files, measurement results, patient reports, x-rays, films and all your documents in your practice or health institution. In this way, you can instantly access all the information about your file without searching for a file.

Working shift of doctors,

Doctor lists,

In important cases, contacting patients and their relatives via e-mail,

Personnel tracking,

The doctor's office is always with you with digitalized patient follow-up.