Data Recovery

We are proud of being a company that is trusted by both personal and corporate users and companies in data recovery. As a company, we recover your data from your desktop and laptop computers with our expert team, regardless of brand and model.

Our company, which provides data recovery service in accordance with confidentiality conditions, does not inform anyone about your data and identities.

We also make you satisfied in this regard by recovering a large amount of data from physically damaged hard disks that many companies and services cannot do. Thanks to the trust we provide with years of experience, we eliminate the problem of data loss. Companies, publics and personal users always prefer to work with a company that can be trusted for data recovery and will comply with confidentiality requirements.

Mobile Data Recovery
Huawei LG
Other Android Devices

All these portable devices are used carelessly against security and data loss. More and more critical data is stored in today's mobile technology. Since smartphones and tablets are exposed to different environmental factors such as water and heat or accidental drops and are not protected against security risks, these devices are much more susceptible to data loss.

Personal Devices Data Recovery

We provide data recovery services for all makes and models of computers, devices and hard drives. Our professional data recovery experts use the most advanced technology to ensure we recover data from your failed data sources.


Personal Computer

Notebook / Laptop

Smart Phone / Tablet

Portable Disks

Flash Disks






SD / MMC Cards

Flash (Memory) Disks

Hybrid Disks

Server Systems Data Recovery

Our team recovers data on all RAID hardware platforms that are widely used today.

While RAID systems are generally fault-tolerant, improper use or incorrect interventions can result in malfunctions and data loss.


RAID controller error

Multiple driver failures

Accidental replacement of media components

Accidental reformatting of drives or entire RAID array

Array configuration lost

Errors such as intermittent drive failure causing RAID corruption result in data loss.