E-Commerce Website Consulting

E-commerce, which is an indispensable part of our day, is now at the center of our lives. In the early days of the Internet, there were many companies that treated the web as an additional sector, closing their real stores and turning to virtual stores. While many successful e-commerce sites were successful in the process at hand, many were doomed to failure. With the right consultancy and the right policies, your e-commerce site can be successful. We carry out our activities with the aim of solving the problems of the unsuccessful ones and gaining more regular customers and profits.

What is E-Commerce Consulting?

All of our work, which ensures that dozens of services for e-commerce sites are researched and activated with the right approach, are called e-commerce consultancy.

For a newly established e-commerce site, we also undertake the selection of the infrastructure suitable for your sector and the establishment of payment, service and inspection systems. Thus, we deliver you an efficient functioning e-commerce site.

Even if you already own an e-commerce site, we are doing critical work to make your site more efficient and profitable, and to get more visitors.

What Services Does E-Commerce Consulting Cover?

E-commerce infrastructure selection and planning:

It is the process of determining the efficient infrastructure suitable for your sector and preparing the proposals.

Payment infrastructure preference and setup:

It is the process of analyzing the payment infrastructures that are suitable for you, where the highest efficiency in your sector is obtained, and preparing the proposals.

Shipping agreements:

It is the analysis of cargo companies suitable for your sector in the regions you will serve or in the regions you will serve, and the preparation of offers.

E-commerce website setup:

It is the process of creating your e-commerce site, including the infrastructure of cargo and payment systems, with the infrastructure suitable for your sector and company.

E-commerce SEO studies planning:

It is the analysis and operations for your e-commerce site to be displayed at the top in search engines and in all queries made with your keywords.

Category Based Seo Consulting:

With the algorithms determined as a result of research and decided together, the consultancy service made to the categories has a strategic importance for your company's website. Again, E-commerce Seo Consulting is also diversifying and increasing in itself.

Google Adwords ads setup and plan management:

Installation of Google AdWords ad formats suitable for you. It is the whole of the actions taken for Google AdWords to work for you fully functionally.

Social media accounts management:

Works done to protect brand reputation, share and stay in touch with your customers on all social networks suitable for your industry.

Social media Ads setup and management:

Optimization, management and organization of your ads on social networks.

Category trees setup:

Entering the category, option and type structures of your products in accordance with your industry. It is the process of establishing a network of relations suitable for your industry.

Product and data entries:

The products you will include on your site are the processes of entering data such as brief descriptions and guiding comments.