Web Design

With the information brought by the age of information, the platform where businesses primarily communicate with their customers is the World Wide Web platform, roughly the web or the internet. The website design, which is prepared in accordance with your corporate stance, which is the face of your company, greatly affects the stance of your business in the sector and the decision-making processes of your customers. In the web age, when users want to have information about a company, they search the web and your website is the first place they will evaluate about your company. A properly designed, easy-to-use website that conveys your message clearly and reflects the corporate character of your company by being designed with the latest technology is important.

One of the indispensables of today's web world is that your website design is Google-friendly and user-friendly. There are many criteria that Google especially evaluates. The fact that your images are optimized, your website opening time is short, that is, fast, SSL certificate is one of them. In Google optimization, it is also important that you have separate title, description and keywords for each page and product. As Maça Bilişim, we aim to have a productive return on your website design. In this context, we present your website to you by making some of your main SEO optimizations.

Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites is the place where companies make the first impression of their customers. Your website, which we have prepared in accordance with the corporate stance of your company, easily shows the stance and face of your company in your sector. It has a huge impact on your customers' decision-making processes.